If you are on a low cash budget and you are having a hard time finding a house that meets your specifications, you may want to participate in a real estate auction. A real estate auction will necessitate you bidding only what you have. On the flip side, you also get the option to get a better deal, as many auctions will start with low reserves. If you know that you want to participate in an auction to get a cash home, here are three actions that you need to take prior to the opening of the online bidding. 

Visit the entire neighborhood

Some auction homes will be open for viewing with the help of a real estate agent. Some auction homes will be completely closed from viewing until they are purchased. If you have the option to visit the home, you should do so in the morning and at night. Even if you can't get inside of the house, drive down the street that it is on and around the neighborhood. You want to get a general idea of the condition of the home and you need to know if the neighborhood is livable for you and your family. 

Find comps and don't meet that price

When it comes down to bidding, you may get competitive if you decide that you really like a house. Find comparable homes in the city and determine what they went for. An auction home should go for lower than a home that is sold on the regular market. Be sure you do not overbid for a cash home, even if you have the money. You may find out that you made a bad investment that turned into a liability. 

Split the money and bid on both for duplex or land

If the home that you desire is a duplex that is also up for auction, you should split the money that you have available and bid on both duplexes. It is important that you be able to control as much as possible about your home environment. Your home value will be difficult to increase if your side of the duplex is fixed up and the other side is still in a state of disrepair. Likewise, if there is land directly next to or behind your home, you don't want it to turn into a commercial shop or a place for loitering. Purchase the land next to your home, even if you have no plans for it. This means that you can keep it cut, clean, and always have the opportunity for expansion when you save more money. 

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