Around the holiday season, criminals will look for opportunities where homeowners will not be home enough to protect against a home invasion. The most important line of defense against a home invasion is to have a good lock. Also, you will want to take other precautions to make sure that your home is not invaded.

Keeping Your Home Secure And Locked

Consider having your doors and windows all installed with functional locks to make sure that your home is adequately secure. Also, make sure that you do not have spare keys stored outside while you are away. Getting strong locks installed by a professional like those found at Ottawa Key Shop locksmith would be helpful as well. 

Being Careful With Christmas Presents

Make sure that Christmas presents are not visible to burglars. The presents shouldn't be placed underneath a tree that is near windows or another place where they can be easily viewed. Otherwise, a burglar will try to break the window and take your gifts. Also, when you are eliminating the boxes that your Christmas presents came in, make sure to break them down and remove identifying information so that it is more difficult for burglars to identify what presents you have received. Also, do not place these boxes on the curb until the day of collections.

Getting Help From Your Neighbors

Ask your neighbors if they can keep an eye on your house. Only choose someone you know you can trust. It will also be a good idea to have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspapers so that it is not obvious that you are away on holiday.

Monitoring Your Home

Get a home monitoring system so you can keep an eye on what is going on inside your house. This is the only way to truly know what is happening when you are not there.

Not Posting Vacation Plans

Do not post about your vacation plans online. This will lead to burglars being more likely to target you while you are away. Instead, tell trusted friends about your plans privately. Even the highest level of security on a social networking website is often not enough.

Using Indoor And Outdoor Lights

Set indoor and outdoor lights to a timer so that they come on when you are not home. This will ensure that burglars will not be able to identify that you are not home due to the lights being off for an extended period. Each of these methods will lower the chance that you will be targeted for a burglary.