When you're considering the added cost of a luxury condo, the amenities may be some of the first things you look at. Condo options can have many features that make it worth the bump in price. On the other hand, some condo features do not have as much value as you think. Here are some of the features of luxury condos to look for and ones to ignore. 

Look for: Better Appliances

One thing to look for in a great luxury condo is new, highly efficient appliances. You can save a lot of money on your electricity and water bills by using these energy efficient devices. You may also save on the headache of getting old appliances repaired. 

Look for: Better Lighting

Upgraded daylighting features, such as skylights and large windows, can have a major effect on your health. Several studies have shown the correlation between natural lighting and human health, so be sure to look for luxury condos with great lighting features to take advantage of this boost. 

Don't Worry About: Outdoor Space

Unless you're sure you'll use it, added outdoor space can be a waste of money. Outdoor space is often considered to be worth 30 percent of interior space in the eyes of appraisers, so it won't add much to the value of your condo. 

Look for: LEED-Certified Building Techniques

Sustainable building practices have been cropping up in many luxury condo complexes. Features like low flow toilets and high efficiency lightbulbs will allow you to join in the sustainable movement while also saving money on your utilities, making them worth the extra cost. 

Look for: Security Features

Another great feature of luxury condos is added security measures. A gated opening, a door security person, and secure window and door materials are only a few of the possible safety features in a luxury condo. Having a more secure home may save you the stress of worrying about your belongings, or about your children if you are not at home with them. It may also save you money in case it prevents a break-in. 

Don't Worry About: Electronics

While fancy new gadgets may look great at the start, these can get outdated and depreciate in value quickly. Don't base your condo rental or purchase on state-of-the-art electronic equipment. 

As you can see there are a few cases where the added features of luxury condos can affect your health and your bottom line. By keeping in mind the long term benefits and value of your amenities, you can pick the luxury condo with the most bang for your buck.   

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