When you are working with a realtor, you may be surprised at how much time you will spend together. In addition to one-on-one time, you may find yourself on the phone with them multiple times a day. In the midst of this process, you may wonder if you are overdoing it and "bothering" your real estate agent. In fact, your real estate agent wants you to take advantage of their services. You should have high expectations about what your real estate agent can do for you.


A quality real estate agent is an expert in interpersonal communication. They expect to be in nearly constant contact with their clients. In fact, you often won't need to call them because they will call you if any new homes come on the market. If you are selling your home, they should be your best friend when it comes to suggesting ways to speed up your sale and keeping you abreast of offers and negotiations. If you realize after business hours that you have a question, you should feel able to call your agent at home. 


You should expect your agent to be extremely aggressive in pursuing your interests. Of course, your agent should be polite and pleasant, but a timid professional is not going to get you the deal you want. If you find a house that suits your needs, you should expect your agent to pursue that home with vigor, giving up only when forced to do so. An aggressive agent will explore all possible avenues to completing your deal. The realtor should be just as aggressive when selling your home. Restraint in the real estate market is not a positive trait.


You should also expect your real estate agent to be technically savvy and to be as paperless as possible. You live in the age of instant communication, so your agent has to be a smartphone, tablet, laptop, internet geek. If they are "old school" and rely on outmoded devices or methods, you are likely to miss out on a fabulous house or offer. 

Remember that a good realtor wants you to have high expectations. Those who are tops in their field will never discourage you from contacting them or asking questions. If your real estate agent is not always there for you, pick another professional -- one that is happy to give you excellent service. Agents dealing with Homes for Sale by Coldwell Banker Complete Real Estate and similar companies should make the process easier for you, not harder.