If you are looking to buy a home, you might actually come to realize that a townhouse can meet all of your needs and then some. Sharing a wall might be a small price to pay for all of the pros that come with owning a townhouse. Here are four things that might make living in a shared community of townhouses appealing and more in line with your style than a stand-alone home.

1. Townhouses Might Better Suit Your Price Range

If you are on a budget when it comes to a down payment, you might come to find that you have pretty limited options in looking at homes for sale. A great starter home might actually be a townhouse. This can get you in the real estate game with more purchasing options in neighborhoods you would like to live in.

2. The Benefit of Shared Amenities

A great thing about owning a townhouse in a shared community is various amenities that are right at your fingertips. This might include barbecue pits, a pool, a gym, and a shared laundry room. It would be hard to afford and maintain so many perks on one's own. By sharing these amenities with your community, you can have the best of both worlds.

3. Built in Security

If you purchase a townhouse in a gated community, this can offer another layer of security between your front door and the outside world. Having neighbors in close proximity might seem like a hassle, but this can actually be a built in neighborhood watch if there is suspicious activity. If your townhouse community is a certain percentage owner-occupied, this can keep out renters and ensure that you are surrounded by owners that care about their property.

4. Covered Exterior Maintenance

If yardwork isn't your thing or the thought of having to spring for a new roof or driveway makes you sweat, you can put all of these tasks into the hands of your HOA. By contributing a monthly fee, you can collectively ensure that the exterior of your townhouse and surrounding areas will receive upkeep. You won't have to deal with emergency costs or maintenance issues on your own.

While you might dream of having a stand-alone home with your own piece of land, a great place to start might actually be a townhouse. Homeownership can come in many shapes and sizes, so be sure that you explore all of your options before discrediting homes that are in a shared community.  A townhouse might actually be the perfect home for your individual needs. Contact a realtor in your area, like Stephen McDonald CIR Realty, for more help.