You love all living animals, but you have to draw the line when it comes to featuring rodents in your home. Ridding your living space of the pests can be a task you don't want to deal with, but one that becomes essential. Here are a few suggestions for clearing your atmosphere of the pesky roommates.

Block the Entry

The first step is finding where the mice are thriving. It will be close to an entryway such as a kitchen with all the stains as an attraction. Use chalk to mark the space and clean it thoroughly. If possible, seal the path with a scouring pad cut to the fit into the space. Try to use one you might use for cleaning pans or one that won't rust.

Keep an eye on the marked area for any activity. Be sure the space is still sealed if you see evidence of the rodent. Check for additional holes and seal those with the same process.

Once you are positive the wall is secure on the inside, close the holes on the exterior of the home. Make the necessary repairs on the exterior.

Repel the Rodent

Use a natural deterrent such as peppermint oil to eliminate the pests. Not only will it mask the smell that may be the main attraction, but the rodent also won't come near it. Use some cotton balls and add a bit of the oil to them. Place the peppermint balls in areas such as heating vents or doorways in the home. You could also purchase a peppermint plant and use it for cooking purposes and as a deterrent.

If you have a cat, try placing the litter box or some of the soiled litter near the entrances where the rodents have been observed. You could also visit a pet store and ask for some snake poop. These two ideas will surely chase them away. The mice or squirrels don't want to be eaten!

If you have an indoor or outdoor cat, try letting the cat stay in the area where the mouse visits. However, this may take an aggressive cat. You may have a cat that will see the mouse as a toy, and just taunt it.


Try using something that will emit beeping noises. This is only a temporary fix because they are smarter than you think. The rodent will get used to the sound and be unafraid after a short time.

These are a few ways to naturally eliminate the pesky rodents living in your home. If these suggestions aren't successful, you may need to try a professional approach. Exterminators will have traps that are humane and allow for the rodent to be transported to an area uninhibited with humans. Contact a business, such as Academy Pest Control Ltd., for more information.