If you are shopping for a new market, you probably have some idea of the specific traits you want your new home to have. You might have high hopes for a swimming pool or enough square footage for your dog to be happy. No matter the case, it is important that you consider these amenities, especially if you are moving into a managed property. Here's how important these common apartment amenities really are.

A Doorman

Do you really need a doorman? Somebody waiting outside the building 24/7 can be quite reassuring, especially if you live alone or work late hours. A good doorman will help you out when you need it. Unfortunately, you will not commonly find a doorman outside most apartment buildings unless they are either in the middle of the city or quite expensive. If a doorman does fit into your budget, the added security and assistance can be nice.

A Gym

Are you actually going to work out? If not, there is no point in adding a fitness center to your list of specifications. If you are quite serious about going to the gym, you likely have a membership already. If you find that you are going to be paying extra just to have a gym on the premises, you should make sure that you are actually going to use it. If the price is right, you may be able to eliminate your gym fees altogether.

Swimming Pool

It's great to have a swimming pool, but are you actually going to use it? If you are moving somewhere where it is warm throughout the year, a swimming pool is fantastically refreshing. If your apartment complex offers an unheated outdoor pool throughout the year, it's not likely that you will actually be using the swimming pool.

Extra Storage

Many apartment complexes advertise that they can offer extra storage for an additional fee. If you don't want to let go of some of your things, this might sound like a good opportunity. Just make sure that the cost of the storage isn't more than what you would receive from local storage facilities. You should also make sure that the house itself doesn't offer all the space you need before you agree to pay the extra cost.

As a renter, you get to pick and choose what amenities you are willing to pay for. Make sure that you are only going to pay for the amenities that you are actually going to use.

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