If you have decided to sell your home "as is," you need to formulate a plan that is tailored to your particular house. Not all realtors are good at closing on these types of properties. Find one that specializes in fixer-uppers and then follow a marketing strategy that highlights all the positives of your home. You may be listing it for a bargain price, but you also need to make the property look its best while selling its unique history. If you follow this plan, you should have success finding a buyer.


Selling a fixer-upper in some ways is an art form. Although all realtors have their strengths, not all of them are good at selling homes with "potential." Ask your realtor candidates about their record with these types of home. You need to know how long on average it takes them to sell such houses and how many they have actually sold. Their numbers will tell you if they are a good fit for your property. 

The Story

Instead of thinking of your home's condition as a negative, focus on its strengths. If your home has a historical background, play that up. Emphasize the unique architectural elements of your home. Maybe the wiring and plumbing need work, but if the basic structure is sound and the neighborhood is fabulous, someone will want to buy your house, particularly if they are getting a bargain.  


If you are selling a home as a fixer-upper, you obviously are not going to make major renovations such as installing new siding or new flooring, but you can still make your home look more attractive. Everything needs to be spotless, of course, and you can make efforts to dress things up a bit. Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls and buffing up the hardwood floors will highlight your home's charm. Possible buyers need to fall in love with what is already good in your house as well as its potential. Once they see themselves living in the property, you and your realtor are well on your way to closing the deal. 

When you are trying to sell a home that needs some tender loving care, your marketing plan has to be different than when you are selling a property that is in pristine condition. You need help presenting it as an investment opportunity as well as a financial bargain. An experienced realtor will be able to help you make the best deal possible on your fixer-upper.