In addition to having your carpets deep cleaned on a regular basis, you'll need to clean up spills and dirt to keep them from making permanent stains. Knowing how to clean your carpet can mean the difference between removing a stain and causing it to set. Here are a few things you should know.

Check For Colorfastness

Before you use a cleaning product on your carpet, you need to find out if it will damage the fibers. You can do this by testing the cleaner on a leftover scrap of the carpet or by choosing a small area of carpet that is out of sight. Wet the carpet with the cleaner and let it set for a while. Then blot up the cleaner with a white cloth. If the color of your carpet transfers to your cloth, you'll need to choose a different cleaner. Once you find a cleaner that won't cause your carpet to bleed color, be sure to keep it on hand all the time so you can quickly grab it when there's a spill.

Always Blot Spills

Blotting is the best way to remove liquid from your carpet fibers. You don't want to rub a stain or you may grind it into the fibers or push the fluids deeper into the pad underneath. Instead, take a clean absorbent cloth and dab it against the spill so it is wicked out of the carpet and onto the cloth. If you're dealing with a big spill, you may need to place a folded towel over the spill and stand on it, or place a heavy book on it, to help soak up the liquid. Blotting keeps a stain from smearing and getting worse. This is an important tip to keep in mind when you spill wine or other colored drinks on the carpet.

Use Enzyme Cleaners On Pet Accidents

If you have pets in your house, you should keep an enzyme cleaner on hand for dealing with accidents. You can buy enzyme cleaner at a pet store. It removes stains and odor by breaking down urine rather than masking it. First, blot the urine and then apply the enzyme cleaner. Do this before applying heat to the carpet or the urine stain will set. If you have pets, you probably don't want to use a steam cleaner on your carpet for that reason. If you want to have your carpet steam-cleaned, shine a black light on your carpet first to make sure there are no urine stains you don't know about.

Stains of any kind are easier to remove if you act quickly. If you can't remove a stain, be sure to point it out when the carpet cleaning company comes to your home. Knowing where the stains are and what caused them is important information that will help the contractor choose the best cleaning products to restore the appearance of your carpet.

For more info, speak with a local carpet cleaning professional.